Captured (Aoila Series Book 1) by K. L. Ricks

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Captured (Aoila Series Book 1) by K. L. Ricks. #kindle #amazon #YA



The Aoilites come from the skies, and no one is able to stop them. Each visit ends the same way: one hundred thousand people vanish. If rumors are true, the abducted are fodder for an alien world’s appetite.

Like everyone else living under the totalitarian regime of the North American Alliance, Adelyn Innsbruck fears the Aoilites. She doubts they’ll ever threaten her home, though; Juno Ridge is too small a community for the mass harvesting of people. She’s more concerned with caring for her five-year-old brother, Nikeen, and coming to terms with Kaden, the young man who blames Adelyn—not without reason—for his parents’ deaths.

Then the Aoilites come to Juno Ridge. When they depart, Nikeen is gone, and Adelyn and Kaden find themselves alone and unable to cope with the loss of their loved ones. War with the Aoilites is imminent, and after the capture, the duo are on the run from the government that now deems Adelyn as much a threat as the aliens.

Adelyn doesn’t have time to consider the consequences. She’s only got one goal—to rescue her brother. To do so, she’ll defy anyone in her way, be they alien or human.


My personal review:
I absolutely loved this book! I can’t wait to read the next book in this series (I’ve been told it’s coming soon…). I did receive a copy of this book from the author, but wanted to share my honest opinion here after experiencing such a thrilling read.

It all starts with Adelyn Innsbruck, and her semi-subservient life in a community where everyone is constantly faced with the fact they have all lost someone during alien raids, and hope that if they hold their head low enough, maybe they’ll be passed by when the next group of people gets captured. The first year I noticed being mentioned was the year 2297, so the setting of this story is futuristic and somewhat advanced, but still being subjected to communist style rule. Adelyn sees her primary responsibility as taking care of her little brother, since she lost both of her parents to an event when they were both captured. It starts out as just another average day at school…then all hell breaks loose!

I am typically the type of person that prefers to leave the finer details out of my reviews (I absolutely hate spoilers!), but if you enjoy YA reads and you are reading for a book that is full of twists and turns…and things turn out not at all how you first suspected…definitely give this book a try. I started reading it early this morning, took a few breaks, and had to return to find out what happened next. By the time you make it about halfway through this book…you won’t be able to put it down!




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