Daughter of Darkness by Raye Wagner

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☆☆.•°*°•.☆☆ Daughter of Darkness ☆☆.•°*°•.☆☆

When all your life is darkness, can you even recognize the light?

As a daughter of the goddess Eris, discord and shame are Dahlia’s constant companions. Her only companions. While she craves love and friendship — or even just a sense of belonging — those are the very things her presence destroys.

Until . . .

A mysterious stranger rescues her from a violent attack and offers her the unattainable: a safe haven. With the seductive son of Eros begging for her affection, Dahlia desperately believes she’s finally found the acceptance she’s always craved.

But how can it end well — for her or the others?

After all, it’s impossible to change who you are.

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My own review:


Another great novella from Raye Wagner. This book flashes back and allows you to find out more about Dahlia’s back story. Look forward to lots of interactions with Xan as well. This is another essential piece in the puzzle that is the Sphinx series.


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