Dawning (Promiscus Guardians Book 3)


Izzy and Lucas have been through quite the ordeal over the last year: chased down by demons, hunted by Dark angels, and sought after by a sadistic, gorgeous mother-in-law. Now they’re back, and there’s a lot of loose ends to tie up. Like the army of juiced up toddlers, the flamboyant villain, and the sociopath, Mother Dearest. Not to mention, it’s now their sole duty to seek the help of the seven kings in the In-Between realm, which sounds easier than it is.

Dawning follows Izzy as she is once again the woman of the hour, the woman who can bring the realms together, the woman with that special something-something that everyone, including her vindictive, crazy mother-in-law, are working tirelessly to capture. Being special never felt like so much work. Saving the world was never something Izzy planned to do, but she’ll have to if she doesn’t want the mortal world to end, or any others for that matter.

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My personal take on this novel after reading it:

This is a great novel! TONS of adventure and thrilling moments, along with more than enough sexy run-ins with the ‘married by blood’ couple Izzy and her vamp-angel hybrid honey. In reading this novel, you discover that the title has a bit of a double meaning (won’t reveal how though, that’s the fun of reading novels, am I right?).

There are so many things going on in this book, and it is filled with paranormal romance, suspense, adventure, journeys to other realms, evil and dark influences, and tons of humorous quips, snarky comments and risqué suggestions from our beloved Promiscus Guardians.

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys paranormal romance with lightish erotic scenes, fantasy that focuses on paranormal hybrids, battling with a dragon (YES, dragons!) and magical elements. Reading this was definitely an enjoyable experience for me.




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