Pavel (Guardians In Love Book 2)


*A standalone based off the main series Promiscus Guardians*

Eve’s entire existence and the secret power she harbors is forever changed when she meets the incredibly gorgeous Russian, Pavel Volkov, one night after he single-handedly saves her from being attacked. Claiming he’s part of an elite group of Guardians that police the Light and Dark, Pavel takes her into his protection.

The playboy warlock-faerie helps Eve unlock the secrets of her past, training the hidden power within as they attempt to keep her from the Dark that seeks to capture her. But with nothing short of disdain for the man claiming to be her protector, can Eve discover the truth behind who she really is? Will she be able to learn how to use her powers efficiently? And more importantly, will she be able to deflect the relentless advances of her so-called protector?

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A few words on my initial opinion after reading this book:

I really loved this book (Much like the other Brianna West novels I’ve read thus far). There is a lot going on, but basically, Pavel is a warlock-fairy hybrid that is also serving as a member in the organization known as the Promiscus Guardians; a group of individuals that use their abilities to help keep the rest of the world safe from evil presences.

Enter the lovely Eve…she has always stuck her neck out to take care of her sister, she’s rather tough to the core from the very beginning and has made a point to stay as far away from the influence of males…that is, until she meets the frisky Russian Pavel. Sparks fly, to say the least. I’m glad I got the chance to read this novel…it really helps shed some light on a few characters I first learned about in the initial Promiscus Guardians novel, The Awakening. I can’t wait to continue with that series to see what other kinds of adventures these characters manage to tackle and overcome.

This book is an urban fantasy that combines mixed breed immortal hotties (HELLO Pavel!…and maybe I’d send a minimal shout out to Carl as well) and integrates real world personalties in with Promiscus Guardian training and assisting them when it comes to dealing with the powers they’ve managed to hide from others all this time. This book includes a bit of slightly more aggressive style erotic interactions than the other Brianna West novels I’ve read to date, but it’s definitely worth the read. Enjoy!





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