Victor (Guardians In Love Book 1) by Brianna West



**A companion series to Promiscus Guardians series and standalone paranormal romance**

Lilly Hughes, pureblood witch and Guardian-in-training, has worked arduously the last three years to become the best Guardian in her class in hopes of securing a position on Lucas Easton’s team, the highest coveted position in the Guardians and the team her late mother was a member of. However, she suffers from a dangerously clumsy nature that threatens to make that dream just that, a dream.

Until she meets Victor, supervising angel to Lucas Easton’s team and active member on the Promiscus Guardian council. He’s an angel with a gentlemanly demeanor and incredible looks that immediately turns her bad luck for good. Or does he? His gentle nature is hiding a dark secret, a past that Lilly has been desperate to know since she was told of how her mother perished in a mission.

What is Victor’s connection to it? How can she control these subsurface desires for the one man who might hold the key to her future and the secret behind her mother’s death? Will it ultimately lead to tragedy?

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My take on this novel:

Rumor has it…to the victor goes the spoils. That is definitely the case here, if by ‘the victor’ you mean the hot angel Victor, and if by ‘spoils’ you mean the bad-ass new Guardian-in-training, Lilly.

The humor level was moderate with all of the characters in this book, and the fantasy levels were high, of course. There are a few rather hot softly erotic scenes as well, but since they were between an angel and his Cor Vorcanti after he’s spent thousands of years seeking her out, that’s permitted, right? 🙂

This book was a great read all around. It’s a spin-off of the Promiscus Guardians series, and I think it’s ideal for fans of fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and those just looking for a good book to help provide a little heat under their collar. Stop drooling over the cover shot and just read it already! You won’t be sorry.



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