Opalescent (Four Kingdoms Saga Book 2) by Bri Amari


Opalescent (Four Kingdoms Saga Book 2)

They’re back! Oh yes, our favorite crew,
Of the Four Kingdoms Saga, in book two.
Iridess grows braver, her faith so bright,
The empath and the Succubus’s light.
Alongside her sister, she is set to explore,
She wanted adventure and got so much more.
Someone is taken, someone has passed on.
What will she do when even *her* faith is gone?

Return to the Four Kingdoms and follow along as Iridess travels on her real first voyage away from Gemma Fortis, Mothachail comes to terms with the second half of her soul and the laws that have bound the Bajang for years are lifted. With a new and deadly threat on the horizon, this unique group of friends will see that not all wars are declared.

Available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kHNrMd


My personal take on this novel after I finished reading it:
4.4 stars
I enjoyed this book as much as the first edition. It is well written and flows seamlessly…this time the story is told primarily from different POVs than the first edition. Lots of adventure from beginning to end, and this series is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of adventure and fantasy novels.

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